The Best Bass Fishing Lure Kits: Everything You Need to Know

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For the beginner bass fisherman, adequately stocking a tackle box can be a challenge. There are dozens of lure types out there, including spinnerbaits, soft plastics, and jigs. Each of these types has a staggering number of color and size variations available, and that’s before even looking at brands.

Luckily, some companies specialize in getting a selection of lures to anglers in one fell swoop. We are talking, of course, about bass fishing lure kits.

This article will look at why choose a lure kit, what to consider when shopping, and a few of our favorite kits for bass fishing.

What Are Lure Kits?

Bass fishing lure kits are a collection of lures sold as a single unit, designed to give fishermen as much variety as possible in a single purchase. These lure kits allow fishermen to build up their tackle box without the high cost associated with name-brand lure companies.

Having factory direct pricing and no marketing keeps these kits reasonably priced. Lures from lure kits usually run at a fraction of the cost of buying individual lures from named companies.

In some cases, as you will see, there are even lure kits where you cut out the middle man and build your own lures!

Why Use a Lure Kit?

Firstly, there is the significant cost saving provided by bass fishing lure kits. While that’s an important factor for many fishermen, it’s not the only reason to consider a kit. We have mentioned many times in several articles that color is a factor when fishing in different water conditions. A blister pack with an assortment of colors, from black for cloudy water, to white for high visibility days, can save you the “what if?” by allowing you to quickly swap out your lure for another color.

Check out our guide to lure colors for information on how to select the best color for the situation.

Tailor your approach to the fish

In addition to cost-saving, picking up a kit is a quick way to get access to more fishing lures. If you accidentally lose your hot crankbait in a tree, you still have five more in your tackle box! Most likely, you lost a four-dollar lure and not a fourteen-dollar lure. By building a library of fishing lures, you give yourself the option to tailor your approach to the fish in your local lakes. Anglers can create different color combos you can’t find on the shelf, and you can discover what works best for you.

With that said, lure kits aren’t perfect. For starters, they don’t give you a choice on which colors you get; if you have no use for a rainbow trout-colored swimbait, the extra lure isn’t actually a saving. In addition, because of the limited packaging, most lure kits don’t come with instructions on how to fish them. While not having reference material to hand can be a setback, many manufacturers respond to questions on their social channels and sales pages, like Amazon.

Last but not least, since these are mass-produced lures, the hooks and other parts of the terminal tackle don’t have as long a life as name brand components do.

Lure kits are a sure-fire way to bulk up your tackle box

3 Tips for Selecting a Lure Kit

Before you run wild and buy every bass lure kit you see online, it’s essential to consider your options.

1. Do your best to understand what other fishermen in your area are using.

No, I don’t expect you to ask every fisherman you see what they are catching them on, but understanding generally which lures are popular in the area can help. If you fish deep, clear lakes without a lot of vegetation, topwater frogs are probably not the best choice. Conversely, a weedy southern pond will cause you to lose many crankbaits.

2. Make sure your gear is suitable for the lure you choose.

If you want to invest in swimbaits, make sure your rod and reel can handle tossing larger lures. Using an incorrect rod and reel setup will result in lower success and plenty of frustration; I know, I tried to jig with a spinning rod.

3. Ensure there is variety in your lures.

Some lure kits are just for buying lures in bulk; you will get a dozen or more of the same lure. If you have found that lure is the golden ticket, then, by all means, go ahead and pick up a bunch of them. However, I would rather have a tackle box I can fish in any condition, rather than one filled with a lure that works only so often.

Try to understand which lures are effective on your local water before buying a lure kit

Our Favorite Crankbait and Jerkbait Lure Kits

Crankbait and jerkbait lure kits are perfect for anglers looking to bulk up on their favorite driving lures. Crankbaits are great when conditions are bright and sunny, but not when it’s overcast. Check out our complete guide to crankbait fishing for more information.

Being able to swap out colors while fishing the same style is an excellent benefit for anglers looking to perfect their technique. On top of this, kits give access to different lure sizes and shapes. This means you can target various depths and adjust for changing conditions, without taking a second (or seventh) trip to the tackle shop.

Aorace Fishing Lures: Mixed Kit

Cost: $26.99 ($0.63 per lure)

The Aorace Mixed Kit combines six different hard plastic bait styles with 43 lures. In one purchase, this kit allows anglers to run a jerkbait close to the surface or drag a deep diver along the bottom. All lures feature 3d eyes and added rattle to attract fish, even in the murkiest conditions.

Codaicen Bait Crankbait Kit

Cost: $20.47 ($4.09 per lure)

Available in various natural patterns, the Codaicen Bait Crankbait Kit offers excellent value through the inclusion of high-quality crankbaits. These tight-wobbling, floating crankbaits produce plenty of rattle. The fact they float means they will rise to the surface when retrieved slowly.

A bonus is that Codaicen Bait is a US-based, veteran-owned company.

wLure Minnow Crankbait Kit

Cost: $20.00 ($3.33 per lure)

The wLure Minnow Crankbait Kit is a spectacular deal for the fisherman looking to pick up several deep-diving crankbaits. wLure RealSkin Technology makes for lifelike patterns, provided in assorted styles to mimic forage fish found in most lakes and rivers. The wLure’s eagle claw treble hooks are a welcome and familiar sight that ensures a sharp, reliable hook.

Our Favorite Soft Bait Lure Kits

Soft plastics are a must-have in every bass fisherman’s tackle box. Having a variety of colors to match the water conditions can change a fishing trip from a lockout to a knockout. Need information on the different types of soft plastic lures?

Not only are there kits offering a selection of colors, but we have even featured a kit that allows you to precisely tailor your soft plastics to your fishing locations.

Fusion X Fishing – Xessential Trending Soft Plastic Lure Kit

Cost: Varies

This soft plastic lure-making kit from Fusion X Fishing is ideal for those who played the mad scientist as kids. With the Trending Kit, you actually create the lure yourself using a custom mold – truly a DIY bass fishing lure making kit! The kit produces five different designs to be used with jigs, as trailers, or just fished by themselves. Anglers can purchase additional colors to create custom lures for their needs.

PLUSINNO Wacky Worm Fishing Lure Kit

Cost: $16.99 ($0.14 per lure)

Nowadays just about everyone has heard of the senko-style worm and how effective it is when paired with a wacky rig. The PLUSINNO Wacky Worm Kit includes all the terminal tackle you need, including hooks, weights, and even o-rings to get you rigged up with 32 different senko-style worms. The kit also comes in its own tackle box, making transport and organization a breeze.

TRD Worms Kit: Luminous Ned Rig Jig Heads

Cost: $26.99 ($0.45 per lure)

The finesse rig that everyone is paying attention to is the ned rig. Despite their popularity, finding specialized soft plastics and jig heads can be a challenge. Luckily, this 60-piece ned rig kit is available to get you tempting giants.

Our Favorite Spinnerbait Lure Kits

To many, spinnerbaits can all look the same. However, variation in blade shape, blade color, and skirt color can drastically change your success rate in different water conditions.

Being able to quickly change out from a subtle presentation to a flashy bright spinner makes these spinnerbait kits enticing for both anglers and bass.

To learn how to use spinnerbaits effectively, take a look at our top spinnerbait tips!

JSHANMEI Spinnerbait Kit

Cost: $21.99 ($1.83 per lure)

Packaged in various colors, these spinnerbaits are a great entry-level lure for anglers looking to try out spinners. The silver and gold willow leaf design works well in various conditions, and the heavy gauge weed guard will stand up to both dense cover and big fish.

Sconqaek Spinnerbait Set

Cost: $9.99 ($1.00 / Count)

While inline spinners or “rooster tails” aren’t your average largemouth bass bait, I have yet to find a fish that won’t take one. These spinners are an excellent option when fishing in rivers or open lakes for both smallmouth bass and largemouths. This kit gives you plenty of variety, allowing you to take on most fishing scenarios.

Netcraft Spinnerbait Making Kit

Cost: $32.99 ($3.29 per lure)

The Netcraft Spinner Kit allows you to pair different-sized heads with skirts and blades to match your needs as a tinkering angler perfectly. This kit isn’t just good value for the pieces you get; it will also make you a better bass angler by forcing you to consider the conditions and use a custom bait that best fits the situation.

Our Favorite Topwater Lure Kits

From hard bodied poppers to hollow bodied frogs, anglers can fish topwater lures nearly any time of day. Topwater anglers know that having an assortment of colors and sizes of their favorite topwater lure is needed for sustained success.

Aorace Topwater Kit: Unpainted Fishing Poppers

Cost: $13.99 ($0.70 per lure)

Taking Aorace’s most popular topwater design, this kit gives the angler a transparent body without hooks or color. This allows the kit owner to select appropriate hooks and paint, depending on the job at hand. If building lures is your interest, this kit provides an excellent base while not breaking the bank.

Croch Hollow Bodied Frog Kit

Cost: $19.99 ($1.11 per lure)

Having access to frogs in several sizes is critical for a successful frog fishing campaign. The Croch Hollow Bodied Frog Kit includes three frog sizes, so you can feel confident that you will be able to walk a frog over those lily pads, regardless of the wind or forage conditions.

Rikiamru Soft Frog Kit

Cost: $19.99 ($3.99 per lure)

In general, I like this frog style when fishing in open water areas. The cupped mouth pushes plenty of water and can double as a popper, even at night. The weedless hooks give the extra assurance that despite having five of these little guys available, I probably won’t be losing them in the weeds.

Our Favorite Swimbait Lure Kits

Swimbaits are highly realistic lures that have been shown to catch absolute monster bass. Fish don’t reach such remarkable size by striking at everything that swims past, so having the right-colored lure or “matching the hatch” will give you an edge over the most discerning of bass.

VTAVTA Gears: Lifelike Lure Glide Kit

Cost: $22.99 ($4.60 per lure)

Clocking in at just under four inches in length, this eight-segment swimbait is designed to catch big fish. This slow sinking swimbait lazily glides through the water, while the built-in rattle provides extra vibration to draw fish in. With a central fabric between the joints, you can be confident this bait will hold up to many a big fish.

TRUSCEND Lifelike Swimbait Fishing Kit

Cost: $19.99 ($6.66 per lure)

At five and a half inches, the body of the TRUSCEND swimbait matches shad or herring, a common sight in northern lakes. Designed to stand up to musky and lake trout, this bait features razor-sharp treble hooks and a one-year warranty. A warranty on fishing lures is an impressive boast to make and instills confidence that this lure is designed to be run ragged.

Rose Kuli: Lifelike Lure Kit

Cost: $16.99 ($5.66 per lure)

The Rose Kuli Swimbait is different from our other recommendations; this bait floats. However, it has a sizable lip that gives it a diving depth of about four feet. Because of the lip adding to the total size, the actual lure is about an inch shorter than advertised, making it look more believable as a baitfish in most waterways.

Our Favorite Combination Lure Kits

Rather than delivering one type of lure, a combination kit puts several lure styles together, ensuring the owner is better equipped to take on different conditions. Some kits have a mix of lures and tackle-like hooks and weights, while some kits are even more varied.

Aorace Mixed Combination Lure Kit

Cost: $19.99 ($0.99 per lure)

With an assortment of crankbaits, poppers, jerkbaits, and frogs, the Aorace Mixed Combination Kit gives anglers a leg up when it comes to quality hard plastic lures. With 20 pieces included, you give yourself plenty of options to match the water conditions.

MadBite Terminal Tackle Lure Kit

Cost: $27.99

We selected this Madbite kit because it includes several different soft plastic options and the terminal tackle needed to best fish them. With weedless and offset hooks, plus jigheads and sinkers, there is almost no limit to the number of ways an angler can rig the soft plastics in this kit.

RUIZHE Fishing Lure Kit

Cost: $32.98 ($0.10 per lure)

For the bass angler who is starting at step one, this RUIZHE kit is the answer. It provides multiple different hard and soft plastic lures in addition to plenty of terminal gear and a literal tackle box!

A curious angler can set themselves up with enough gear to give bass fishing a decent go for less than a meal out. This is high on our list of gifts for new anglers.


Whether building your lures from scratch or just building your tackle box, there is no denying how helpful lure kits are. For a fraction of the money required to purchase name brand lures (and eventually lose them), an angler can stock themselves up with a season’s worth of lures with the click of a mouse. By shopping smart and considering the best lures for your situation, you can pick up a pile of quality lures at a discount. Grab a kit and hit the water!