About BadAngling.com

Launched in 1996, BadAngling.com is dedicated to helping all anglers of all abilities land bigger fish more often. We provide useful, easy to read information on baits, rigs, techniques and much more, all to help you hook a new PB.

Cyclone Baits

Since we started the website, we noticed a common theme: use of low-quality baits. We wanted a bait that we could rely on, so in June 2020, we made our own.

Our journey to find the perfect bait mix revealed the dark side of mass-production. Cutting corners, outdated technologies and low-quality ingredients seemed commonplace. Determined to deliver quality, we established our own process from scratch.

For us, consistency is key. We need to know every boilie is up to the Cyclone standard, which is why we hand-roll in small batches using only top-notch ingredients.

Our range has been put to the test at a wide range of venues, under different conditions, and refined over months. We didn’t want to release the range until we were 100% happy with it. And that day arrived in June 2020.

We started the website as a place for anglers to learn how to catch bigger fish more often. We feel that it makes sense to provide this same information and a range of bait that anglers can rely on in one place, which is why we’re making this step. Everything we use is free from all forms of contaminants and the ingredients are the highest quality we could find, which is why the baits are at the higher end of the price point.