The 9 Best Bass Fishing Frog Lures You Need To Know About

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One of the most exciting ways to catch bass is with a topwater frog lure. Watching bass fly through the water and destroy a bait that you can actually see always gets the adrenaline pumping. Understanding and using the best frogs for bass fishing will increase your chances of getting blown up.

The best bass fishing frog lures imitate real frogs and generate bites when the conditions are right. Here, we will be going over our favorite frog lures across each of the main categories.

The Best Walking Frogs

The walking frog is the most common and traditional frog option out there. These are usually hollow bodied frogs, and their action is very attractive to bass. Walking frogs allow you to “walk the dog“, which involves the frog lure making its way across the water’s surface with a consistent cadence. Achieving this brings a ton of blowups.

You can go into just about any bait shop or fishing retailer and see a large selection of colors, brands, and sizes. Going with a walking frog out of the gate is a fantastic way to start your frog fishing adventure.

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The Booyah Pad Crasher is the industry leader in terms of quality and presentation among hollow bodied, walking frog lures. The hooks are high quality, and the color patterns are solid. This is an affordable and widely-found option.

  • Sizes: 2 1/2” – ½ oz
  • Colors: Albino frog, bullfrog, cricket frog, dart frog, kuro frog, night train, ole smokey, shad frog, sunburn, swamp frog
  • Price: $9.23

Livetarget is a super innovative brand, and their hollow bodied frogs are fabulous. Livetarget lures are very realistic and use great colors. This is probably the easiest of the three to walk effectively, which is a massive perk.

  • Sizes: 1 ¾”, 2 ¼”, 2 5/8” – 1/4, 5/8, ¾ oz
  • Colors: Green/Yellow, Yellow/Black, Tan/Brown, Brown/Black, Green/Brown, Floro Green/Yellow, Emerald/Brown, Albino/White, Black/Black, Emerald/Red
  • Price: $14.19-17.03

The Spro Frog is one of the original walking frogs still on the market today. Its popularity soared a few years back when the pros started to win tournaments with it. Available in several colorways, the Spro Bronzeye stands out because of its hook and leg strand quality, giving the lure an excellent presentation in the water.

  • Sizes: 2 ½” – 5/8 oz
  • Colors: Midnight, Albino, Killer Gill, Natural Green, Natural Red
  • Price: $11.13

The Best Popping Frogs

Popping frogs generally also have hollow bodies, but they take on a unique twist in the topwater space. Popping frogs move like normal frogs, but they have a cupped mouth that shoots water forward, similar to a popper.

Unlike any other topwater lure, these frogs provide a dynamic movement and action. This enables you to walk the dog while creating a more extensive disturbance on the surface.

Check out our complete guide to frog fishing for more information on getting the most from your frog lure.

The Booyah Poppin Pad Crasher is an excellent option when fishing in thick cover. The size of its cupped mouth increases commotion on the water’s surface and draws in fish. Lures from Booyah are typically affordable and offer excellent quality, and this is no exception.

  • Sizes: 2 ½”, ½ oz
  • Colors: Aqua, bullfrog, cricket, dart, leopard, night train, ole smokey, shad, sunburn, swamp
  • Price: $5.99

The Spro Bronzeye Poppin’ Frog is the popping version of their mainstay product. This brings you the same quality and performance but with a touch more action. This is a great frog to chug along and take your time with.

  • Sizes: 2 3/8”, ½ oz
  • Colors: Midnight, Albino, Killer Gill, Natural Green, Natural Red
  • Price: $11.66

The River2Sea Spittin Frog is the way to go if you want something smaller and more compact. This lure has a smaller body, but the cup for shooting water is very effective. These are affordable and are widely available from most tackle and fishing stores.

  • Sizes: 55, 70
  • Colors: Coot, yellow head, copper green, ghost, dirty white, leopard, I know it, bream, poison, firebelly
  • Price: $8.99-9.99

The Best Plopping Frogs

One of the more unique frogs is the plopping frog. This is a mixture of a classic frog and a prop topwater lure. If you’re unfamiliar, a prop lure uses a spinning propeller to bubble the water, creating a disturbance that draws in bass.

The plopping frog appears like a standard walking frog, but a prop paddle on its back provides a new, distinctive action. When you reel in the frog, this paddle turns and bubbles the water. This is basically the frog’s answer to whopper ploppers or buzzbaits. This additional action gives the plopping frog extra depth and, under the right conditions, such as open water, an increased likelihood of drawing bites.

Check out our complete guide to frog fishing for more information on getting the most from your frog lure.

Booyah takes pole position in each category, as in our book, the Toad Runner takes the top prize for plopping frogs. It is a big boot-style plopper that produces a crazy amount of disruption and noise on the surface. This lure makes an excellent replacement for a buzzbait when fishing areas that naturally harbor frogs.

  • Sizes: Junior, Standard
  • Colors: Albino, Bluegill, Bone, Bullfrog, cricket, leopard, night train, ole smokey, sunburn, shad frog
  • Price: $10.65

Scum Frog is an iconic frog brand, and the plopping Big Foot is one of the best lures in their product line. The two feet that make up the paddles provide awesome action. Use the Big Foot in areas with thick algae or other surface structures.

  • Sizes: 2 1/2” – 3/8 oz
  • Colors: Black/Brown, White/Red, Watermelon/Red Flake, Green, natural black/green, chartreuse
  • Price: $9.33

Finally, we have the Teckel Sprinker topwater frog. This has a basic frog shape, but instead of legs, there is a single, free paddle to provide the action. These are really affordable and use high-quality hooks that produce bass.

  • Sizes: 4 ½” – 5/8 oz
  • Colors: Black and blue, bluegill, bone, camo, chart shiner, color me, green pumpkin, hologram bone, june bug, lemon lime, pearl white, snakehead
  • Price: $14.49

Safety Elements of Frogs

Using a frog lure is generally better for the environment than a traditional lure like a jig or crankbait. Frogs are somewhat unique as they sit on top of the water rather than running through it, as most other lures do. This dramatically reduces the chance of you getting snagged and needing to break your line, resulting in a lure and hook being left behind in the environment.

The safety of fish and the broader aquatic ecosystem is critical to preserving our sport. To keep our lakes and rivers healthy, it is vital to keep bass safe. As the hooks on frog lures are so strong, and the overall build is so big, you should be able to free a hooked bass fairly easily. Plus, the fish is unlikely to swallow the hook because you should set it immediately after a blowup. This means the fish are not sitting down there munching away on your lure and getting gut hooked.

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The frog lure providing results!


Knowing the best frog lures for bass fishing is the first step towards success with frog fishing. Figuring out what colors are best for your situation, what types work for your fishing style, and which brands produce results all forge your frog fishing knowledge in the best way possible. Good luck and tight lines!