Bass Fishing Lures: Everything You Need to Know

In recent years, bass lures have exploded in popularity, leading to the number and variety of available lures branching out in all directions. Nowadays, every lure style has a multitude of colors, variations, brands, and materials to choose from. For both new and experienced fishermen, sometimes it can all get a bit much.

To simplify things, here you’ll find a complete collection of our favorite bass lures and advice on how to select the right lure for your situation.

If you’re looking for information on how to master bass lures in practice, check out our separate guide on lure fishing.

Bass Lures: The Basics


Bass Fishing Lures: A Complete Breakdown

Not totally sure on the difference between a crankbait and a swimbait? Looking to understand how a buzzbait works? This is the place to start.

Here we break down the most popular lure styles, detailing when and where they are best used and what it takes to fish them effectively.


The Complete Lure Color Selection Guide

Often misunderstood by fishermen, lure color can hugely impact your success rate. Here we take a detailed look at everything that goes into picking that killer lure color and provide some top recommendations along the way.

Our Favorite Bass Lures


The Top 10 Best Bass Fishing Lures You Need To Know About

Featuring some truly legendary bass lures, this list is practically guaranteed to improve any tackle box. Get out there and start experimenting with these exceptional lures!


15 Killer Topwater Bass Fishing Lures

For bass fishermen, it doesn’t get much better than watching a bass bust through the surface and crush your topwater lure. But these aggressive takes are never guaranteed, and selecting the right lure can often be the difference between success and failure. Here we break open the topwater lure box and share our favorite options across a range of topwater lure styles.


Our Top 11 Bass Flies: The Best Fly Fishing Lures for Bass

Strictly speaking, bass flies aren’t really lures. However, when it comes to drawing in topwater strikes, flies have to be in the conversation. Here we share our top-rated bass fly options that deserve a place in your fly box.


The Best Bass Fishing Lure Kits: Everything You Need to Know

Lure kits allow you to pick up a collection of bass lures in one purchase, usually in various sizes, colors, and even different styles. Here are our top picks for stocking your tackle box at a record pace.


The 9 Best Bass Fishing Frog Lures You Need To Know About

Using a frog lure is one of the best ways to catch bass off the surface. However, the frog you throw must imitate real frogs as much as possible and be suitable for the conditions. Here we share our favorites across walking, popping, and plopping frog varieties.