Lure Fishing For Bass: The Complete Guide

Using lures to bank a bass or two is one of the most exhilarating approaches of all time. Today, many bass fishermen prefer an artificial plastic/metal lure over live or natural bait.

This collection of top tips and advice is designed to help you make the most of your existing bass lure collection. You’ll find advice across the most widely used bass lure fishing setups, from frog fishing to crankbaits and everything in between.

For a look at the best individual bass lures to pick up, check out our separate guide.

Using Specific Lures: Crankbaits


The Total Guide to Fishing Crankbaits

Throwing a crankbait is one of the most enjoyable and productive ways to spend an afternoon fishing for bass. That said, it can be overwhelming with many different retrieval techniques and gear setups to choose from. Here we break down the humble crankbait and cover everything you need to know to use it perfectly.


Shallow Crankbait Bass Fishing

When conditions suit, the shallow crankbait is an incredible tool for picking apart cover and triggering reactionary strikes from bass. Here we take a detailed look at the different types of shallow diving crankbaits, how they work and how to get the most from them.


Deep Crankbait Fishing

Going deep with your crankbait is an awesome way to target bass lurking close to the bottom. Here we cover everything you need to know to master this technique: conditions, crankbait selection, retrievals, gear, and much more!

Using Specific Lures: Frog Lures

Frog Lures

Frog Fishing: Everything You Need to Know

Without a doubt, frog fishing is one of the most visual and exciting ways to target bass. But it’s an approach that many fishermen have questions about. Here we give our two cents on the technique. Learn how they work, when to use them, top tips, and much more!

Frog Lures

Answered: When Is the Best Time to Frog Fish for Bass?

The difference between a disappointing session and a successful one can often come down to one thing: timing. This article looks at the best time to throw a frog, broken down season by season.

Using Specific Lures: Jerkbaits


The Complete Guide to Jerkbait Fishing For Smallmouth Bass

Only a few things in life are certain: death, taxes, and the fact that smallmouth bass love to crush jerkbaits. If you’re looking to harness the power of jerkbait fishing, this is for you. Gear recommendations, tips, jerkbait types. It’s all here.

Using Specific Lures: Spinnerbaits


11 Killer Spinnerbait Tips for Bass

Is your fishing buddy using a spinnerbait time after time to hook bass, but not sharing the secret? Or could your spinnerbait game just do with touching up? These 11 spinnerbait tips will have you banking more bass in no time!

Lure Fishing Techniques

Lure Fishing Techniques

Pro Bass Fishing Techniques: Walk the Dog

Strike up a conversation about lure fishing with a bass fisherman, and chances are you’ll hear the term ‘walking the dog’. What does it mean exactly, and why is it so important? With our guide, you can find everything you need about this powerful technique and start dancing your lure over the water’s surface tomorrow.

Lure Fishing Techniques

A Total Guide to Pitching & Flipping

Especially useful when fishing in close quarters, pitching and flipping allows you to drop a bait or lure gently into the water. Learn why, when, and how to use these techniques with our guide, and take your lure fishing to the next level.