Answered: When Is the Best Time to Frog Fish for Bass?

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Tying up a frog lure and targeting bass is one of the most visual ways to fish and connect with nature. There’s nothing like seeing a bass blow up your lure and setting your hook with a rush of adrenaline.

Using a frog lure requires pace and effort, but before mastering the physical aspect of this fishing approach, you need to know where and when to start. If you want to maximize bites, understanding the best time of day to frog fish for bass and the best time of year to frog fish for bass is essential.

When Is the Best Time of Day to Frog Fish for Bass?

Generally, dusk and dawn are the best times of day to target bass with a frog lure. These are two points in the day when bass are most likely to feed and strike prey that may be sitting on the surface.

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Conversely, frog fishing usually slows down in the middle of the day, as bass become more lethargic due to higher temperatures (especially in the summer).

With that said, the best times to use a frog do vary by season. Flexing your approach based on the time of year is required if you want to bank as many fish as possible. Let’s look at each season and the corresponding best time of day to throw a frog lure.

Frog Fishing for Bass in Summer

Simply put, frog fishing is best done in the summer. With the spawn being over and the temperature warm, bass are constantly busting on the surface, especially in areas with cover and shade. The heat causes fish to move into shallow regions, where it is less work for them to go for a topwater bait. This is an excellent resource for understanding bass migration patterns in a specific area and how it relates to the weather and season.

Summer is also an excellent time for froggin’ because just about any type of frog can be used. Whether it’s a hollow bodied frog around lily pads, a popper in open water, or any other variation you can think of, it can see success during summer.

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The Best Time to Frog Fish for Bass in Summer

Although much of the day may bring good topwater opportunities, the mornings and evenings are the best. Too much heat can cause the fish to lose their appetite, even if they are patrolling shallow areas.

If you do decide to use a frog in the middle of the day, target shade, structure, and other areas where the water temperature may be lower.

A summer sunset over a bass fishing lake

Frog Fishing for Bass in Fall

The second-best season for frog fishing is in fall. More specifically, early fall can host some excellent conditions for open water and popping frog fishing – I’m thinking of those mornings and evenings when the temperature is low but the sun is still out.

The Best Time to Frog Fish for Bass in Fall

As fall progresses, bass will start adopting a more traditional feeding pattern. You can get away with frog fishing all day long in the early weeks. As the temperature drops, the fish will move to deeper water, and the opportunities to catch them using a frog will dwindle.

Target mid-mornings as the sun begins to warm up the water. I would stick with a traditional hollow bodied frog or even a plopping frog for a touch more action.

A frog lure ready to go in fall

Frog Fishing for Bass in Spring

Frog fishing for bass in the spring is an interesting endeavor. Bass hold off topwater feeding in many North American regions until it is warm enough, usually requiring the summer months to roll in. You can still frog fish in the spring but be prepared for fewer bites and longer days without action.

The Best Time to Frog Fish for Bass in Spring

Since spring can still be chilly, targeting the middle of the day and the hours around it will help you take advantage of warmer conditions and slightly more active bass. Don’t be afraid to throw your soft bodied frog into open water and try your luck.

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Early spring pond fishing with a frog lure

Frog Fishing for Bass in Winter

If you are lucky enough to fish open water in the winter, frog fishing is generally not the way to go. Water conditions usually are not great, and bass are deep down and lethargic. If you live in Mexico, Texas, Florida, or a similar area, you can occasionally get away with using a topwater frog during a mild spell.

The Best Time to Frog Fish for Bass in Winter

Frogs can see some action if a mild spell does arise, but your approach needs to be slow because the bass will be particularly sluggish. The best time of day to frog fish for bass in the winter is when the water is at its warmest. This is usually the middle of the day and mid-afternoon, following a prolonged mild spell, with the sun being out in full force.

Plopping frogs are awesome for low and slow cranking when targeting bass in cold water.

Winter fishing in the snow, not ideal for frogs!


Knowing the best time of day and time of year to frog fish for bass is the best way to maximize your fishing experience. If you flex your approach and target specific times in each season when the temperatures are right, you can experience the thrill of frog fishing blowups in every season. Good luck and tight lines!