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Fish Care

The most important part of angling is fish care. When you a hook a fish, be it a carp or any species, you have a duty to the animal, other anglers and yourself to ensure that it’s health and wellbeing is your top priority. From the moment it’s on your line to when you return it to its watery home. Despite being crucial, too many anglers don’t practice good fish care, not out of malice, but because they’re not aware.

From identifying the right gear to use, whether it’s nets, mats or pliers, to how to use these different tools correctly, we’ve got it all covered below. Get stuck in and make sure you’re looking after these beautiful creatures! Tight lines!

Opinion: Carp Sacking

Opinion: Carp Sacking

Sacking is a contentious subject that is often discussed by carp anglers. In my opinion, when done correctly and when several different factors have all been appropriately considered, sacking is a useful technique which is beneficial for the carp. First of all, you...

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