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General Carping

Want to improve your carp fishing game? Here you can find all our general carping information, in one place. Tips on winter fishing, changing up your game to match the environment, or if you just want to understanding carp a bit better, everything you need is here. Tight lines!

Five Tips to Improve Your Carp Fishing Game

When I sat down to write something on top tips for carp fishing, it became apparent to me that it was not going to be an easy task. The truth is that there aren’t really any secrets to help you catch more, so instead I am going to talk about elements of my approach...

Locating Carp Through Spring: Top Tips & Tricks

As the spring season develops the changes are dramatic both above and below the surface, the world comes alive before your eyes and swims that were open and barren become lush and green. The fish’s activity levels begin to increase significantly, as the water...

Carp Angling in Early Spring: Some Great Advice

Spring is my favourite angling season, as the long awaited thaw begins and snow drops start to pop up through the frozen ground, bringing with them a sense of optimism and excitement at the year ahead. Days get progressively longer as the sun’s angle increases across...
5 Tips for Locating the Carp in Winter

5 Tips for Locating the Carp in Winter

So it’s now officially winter. The nights are drawing in, you had to scrape the frost off the windscreen of your car this morning and your surface fishing exploits are quickly becoming distant memories. Whilst plenty of anglers are now packing away their gear for the...

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