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Day-Ticket Waters

Day-tickets present a very different problem to say, a syndicate. Usually filled with beginner or casual anglers, day-tickets require a different approach if you’re going to beat the crowds and land yourself a corker. Generally speaking, we feel that keeping it simple is the best way to go on these waters, but as with anything in fishing, there’s no never and there’s no always.

You need to consider a range of factors, from the weather on the day, to the season, to the stock and angling pressure. Below are our resources dedicated to mastering these weird and wonderful waters. Tight lines!

A Basic Guide to Day Ticket Waters in Winter

A Basic Guide to Day Ticket Waters in Winter

As summer turns to winter, most day ticket fisheries find far fewer anglers flocking to their waters. This is a result of both the weather and the theory that carp do not feed in the winter or the cold. However, this is not to be believed. Admittedly, carp do not feed...

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