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Carp Talk

The sport of carping is more than just the direct act of fishing, there are also plenty of fascinating discussion points that also surround it; this page is dedicated to those very topics. What do we mean when we call an angler good or bad? Carpy etiquette on the bank? How did carp fishing reach this stage of popularity? And much more. Get stuck into these thought-provoking matters below!

What Does It Mean to Be Good at Carp Fishing?

First off, I think we need to analyse and break down what it means to be “good” at something, in particular carp fishing. Only then can we truly understand what this simple statement means and what it means to various different people. We humans are a competitive...

A Brief History of Carp Fishing – Why Is It So Popular?

For centuries, carp, and particularly carp fishing, has enthralled and captivated anglers throughout Europe and Asia. From the supernatural beasts lurking in holiday lakes across France and Thailand, to the mystical enigmas, residing within…