Get Fully Ready for a Great Adventure

It is not surprising that catching fish is one of the most popular pastimes – it’s exciting, fun and relaxing at the same time. Besides, you can enjoy it in the nearest pond, lake or river, provided that you have the right freshwater fishing tips at hand. Perhaps the best thing about fishing in fresh water is that you can do it from the shore or on a pier and still enjoy a great catch. Of course, if you want to add an extra touch of excitement to the adventure, you can always hire a boat. Since the water is typically calm, the main task which you will have is to outsmart the fish.

The most important thing which you need to know about freshwater species is that they are divided into three major groups depending on the temperature of their habitat. These include warm water, cold water and cool water species. In the first group, you will find bass, catfish, carp, bream and barbel. The rivers and lakes high up in the mountains are ideal for catching different types of trout, the most popular cold water fish. Among the most popular cool water species, you will discover muskellunge, pike and zander. How do you catch these fish? Follow the freshwater fishing tips shared below.

  • Start with selecting the right rod – If you are just starting out, you will find a spinning rod to be a good choice. It works well for catching various fish species, from carp to trout. The bait-casting rod is the main alternative. It has the reel sitting above the handle rather than underneath it. This type of rod is great for catching bigger fish in more challenging environments. It works well for trolling, still fishing and even for saltwater fishing – a pretty universal choice.
  • Choose a reel strategically – There are two main options here. With a bait-casting reel, you will cast larger bait further away. A spin-casting reel is ideal for lighter lures. Once you make a choice, you need to master the fishing techniques used with the respective type of reel.
  • Decide carefully between different hooks and lines – Pick a hook in line with the type of fish which you plan to catch and the technique which you will use. Generally, hooks fall into three main categories – spin-cast, bait-cast and fly-cast. Always consider the pound test when selecting fishing line to ensure that it is strong enough given the type of rod, reel and bait which you use.
  • Find your way around different baits and lures – Cut bait and dough balls are great bait for warm water fish. Leeches work superbly for cool water species. Meal worms, which are extremely popular, work great for various types of fish including trout. When it comes to lures, jigs are the universal option. Poppers, on the other hand, work ideally with spin-casting tackle.
  • Master the techniques – This may be one of the most obvious freshwater fishing tips, but unfortunately many people go unprepared. Jigging is a great technique to use, especially if you are a beginner. Bottom bouncing and trolling with lures are fabulous fishing techniques to use when you are on board a boat. You will have to learn cast and retrieve, if you want to catch fish in fast-moving rivers and streams. It takes time and effort, but once you get the hand of it, you will love this technique.
  • Get the timing and the position right – In addition to studying the particular species of fish which you want to catch, you have to pay close attention to the environment where it lives to have success. In lakes, for example, the best times to fish are when the water turns during the spring and autumn. When it comes to finding the right position, you should know that fish gather where there is food and safety. You will benefit from selecting a position close to rocks, narrower passages and structures, natural and manmade.
  • Be respectful – Check the local rules for freshwater fishing before you head on a trip. You have to watch out for close seasons and adhere to the catch limits. If you break the rules, you can expect a hefty fine.

Use all of these freshwater fishing tips to have a wonderful time and a great catch too.