Boat Fishing Tips on Safety, Positioning, Techniques and More

Why do you need boat fishing tips when being on a boat is already a major advantage? If everyone going on a boat trip could catch fish without any preparation, the world would be filled with anglers. It’s true that you can easily go to the best spots at any time of day when boating, but you will also need proper bait, gear and positioning to achieve a great result. There are special techniques which you need to use if you want to be highly successful. Additionally, you have to adopt a set of safety measures to ensure that you will actually have a wonderful time. Last, but not least, you will have to adhere to the widely accepted angler etiquette so that you don’t ruin the fishing experience of others.

Undoubtedly, you will have some of the best saltwater fishing experiences on a boat. If you want to catch big game fish, you will usually have to go far out to sea. Anglers who fish in lakes also prefer boating especially during midday when fish move to the deep waters. It is perfectly possible to fish onboard a boat in a pond or river. You will often have to use a rowing boat, but this is actually an advantage. You will approach fish with minimal noise and this will give you higher chances of a good catch. Let’s focus on the boat fishing tips now.

  • Pack all of your gear and bait properly – When you are boating, you can’t go back to the car to pick something which you have forgotten. Select the most suitable rod, reel, line and other accessories like sinkers and bobbers based and pack them in your bag. If you will use live bait, place it in a special container equipped with an aerator to preserve its freshness. Remember that the bait has to have the right color and smell to attract fish.
  • Consider the weather and charter your route, especially if you will go out to sea – If bad weather is expected, be patient and stay on the shore. This is particularly important if you are new to boating. Chartering your route is important not only for safety, but for planning the day and ensuring that you will have enough time to fish at the best spots.
  • Choose the most effective boat fishing technique – The choice depends on the environmental factors and on the species of fish that you want to catch. Jigging is a great choice for anglers of all levels of skill and experience. It involves casting straight down and sinking the hook to the bottom. Then you can jig side to side and up and down to attract fish to your bait. Trolling is another highly effective and widely used technique. It involves one or usually several lines with lures being drawn through the water as the boat moves slowly. For this method to work in the best possible way, your boat should be equipped with an electronic trolling motor which allows you to keep the speed constant and to avoid spooking the fish. Bottom bouncing involves dragging the bait or lure along the bottom while the boat is moving.
  • Position your boat in the best way – If you are targeting an underwater structure, the boat must stay right above it. If the structure isn’t completely submerged, you should position the boat right beside it and cast straight down. If you have found a great fishing spot right next to a bank, you should stop the boat at a sufficient distance away from it to be able to slice cast.
  • Adhere to the etiquette -You should not make noise and waves and create turbulence while boating when you are passing by anglers that fish cast from the shore or from a pier. This will help to ensure that you won’t ruin their experience. You should also go around other boats while keeping a safe distance.
  • Follow the safety rules at all times – You must wear a life jacket on board the boat and mind the stationary objects. You should definitely take medication for seasickness if you are prone to this condition. You should refrain from drinking alcohol aboard.

Take full advantage of these boat fishing tips now and in the future to have great fun catching fish while boating.