A numpty a to z fishing jargon

angling terminology explained

Anchor Lamp

A lamp so hard to light that they inevitably end up being used for ballast.


A handsome person trying to catch a fish with a rod, hook and some bait.


The art of catching fish.

Bait Needle

Used for stitching worms.

Bale Arm

The arm used by an angler when winding up an Overhead Thump or hay maker.

Beach Buddy

Four wheeled Volks Wagen based vehicle popular among the surfing fraternity.


The first guitar made by the Fender company, the relatively unknown predecessor to the Stratocaster.

Berkley Swivel

The act of turning to accept a cigarette from a fellow angler.

Bird’s Nest

A ladies bedroom.

Boat Rod

Wooden stick with a v shaped metal end used for parking boats.

Breaking Strain

The amount of times an angler can withstand being reeled in by a Mackerel Fisherman.

Butt Section

The toilet block on a beach side car park.

Cat Gut

Old fashioned term for fishing line. No longer in common use as it is now known that cats stomachs are not constructed from fishing line.


Miserly angler driving downhill.

Coleman Lamp

Variation of the famous Davy lamp as used by generations of cole miners.

Cotton Bud

Small plastic stick with fluffy ends for cleaning the ears, commonly mistaken as an item of fishing tackle.


The process of walking home.

Double Patting

The action of slapping one’s trouser pockets in turn when asked for petrol money.

Fishing Club

Typically the handle of a lump hammer that has been drilled out and filled with lead.

Float Fishing

The art of retrieving ones unattached float from the sea, with nothing more than ones rod tip after a period of bad angling.

Flotation Suit

Worn by city gents at the stock market.

Flounder Spoon

Used with Flounder knife and fork.


The arm muscles developed by tournament casters to develop more force.


Fishing Permissions Officer.

Greased Weasel

Popular cooked meat in a roll often served by beach side cafes.

Ground Bait

Lesser known sequel to a popular television program, where 3 celebrity gardeners festoon your garden with squid while you are at the shops.

Impact Shield

The act of crossing the forearms in front of the face when dealt an Overhead Thump.

Mackerel Fisherman

An angler that uses very little knowledge coupled with cheap equipment and no bait to catch vast amounts of fish.

Match Fishing

The act of trying to equal the catch of a better angler.


A fisherman’s Rig with one broken headlight.


A handy tool for the fisherman with the usual beach side accessories such as toothpick, bottle opener, pipe cleaner and several pairs of pliers.


Term applied to the angler who only realises what vital item of tackle has been left at the Gaff on arrival at some distant venue.

Overhead Thump

The physical reaction caused by an angler reaching breaking strain.


The added bonus of finding some unowned tackle lying on the beach.

Power Gum

Gum which retains it’s flavor for more than the first five chews.

Professional Angler

An angler that uses vast amounts of knowledge coupled with expensive equipment and exotic baits to catch very little indeed.

Rag Worm

An artificial lure commonly made from old shoe laces or shirt cuffs.


Term used to describe fishing when nothing has been caught.


The act of handing money over to a tackle dealer.

Reel Oil

Do not confuse this oil with cheap imitations.


A vehicle used by fishermen.

Rig Wallet

A normal wallet tied to a length of fishing line for joke purposes.

Rubber Eel

Usually found behind a rubber sole on a rubber boot.

Rubby Dubby

A shark appetizer believed to be made from car number plates and missing surfers.

Seat Box

Handy storage area for chairs.

Shock Leader

The chirpy yet futile small talk that takes place prior to informing ones fishing buddy of an act of Muppetry.

Super Pool

Another name for the sea.

Telescopic Rod

Unlike it’s optical cousin, the telescopic rod makes distant objects seem much further away than they actually are.

Tilley Lamp

The lamp used to illuminate the steering handle of a small boat.

Tip Light

The art of lighting a cigarette in the dark without burning a hole in the side.

Tip Section

The middle five pages of a sea fishing magazine that are dedicated to alternative uses for cotton buds and ice cream tubs.


Name applied to female anglers.


The act of continuously packing up and starting again as the tide comes in.


The beach side holiday makers that render daylight fishing in the summer almost impossible.


A short rest from fishing.