What people are saying, or rather what they have already said. May contain traces of English…

“Why dont you have a section on how to talk to the Fish God? or dont you have a fish God in Dorset?” 5 – Steve Brown, Filey N.Yorks

“I know a man who does a good greased weasel (JF) but I can supply an alternative product, a liberally lubricated ferret for twice as much.” 4 – Deano “BadAngler” Hod, Atlantis Dorset

“I am interested to know if there are such things as “disabled fish”? And are there any rules and regulations involved with the catching of such unfortunate cripples?” 3- JimmyPie, Dorset

“Hilarious, not a dry seat in the house ” – Jon “BackCaster” Abbott, Peterborough

“You are a nutter – thank goodness for people like you. Keep telling it like it is!” – Richard “de Blanker” Farrow

“I noticed that your bass is getting bigger. My mother saw your bass and wanted me to tell you that it was one of the nicest basses she has ever seen as it was very firm. I said to her she was crazy, and that you had a fat bass. I also told her that it was strange since most of the time it is the people that sit on boats drinking beer all day who get the fat basses. I also wanted to make note of the fact that, in that picture, you have your finger in the fishes gills. Be carefull it is not proper to post a picture of yourself with your finger in your bass.” 1 – Magic Engineer, USA

“An interesting and unique view of surf casting” – Lim C H, Singapore

“Thanks and keep it up!” – Jon Mort, Norway

“Howdy!!!” 2 – The Pope, Arkansas

1 – Sound advice for Bass bandits everywhere.
2 – I don’t think this was the real Pope.
3 – The sad fact is many fish are born without legs, the cause of this is unknown.
4 – Lubricated ferret goes particularly well with a side of stoat rings.
5 – A new section has been created to deal with this very topic.