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Fishing Floats – Types & How to Set Them Up

In case you’ve no idea what a fishing float actually is, it is essentially a floating object which attaches to your line and acts as a visual indicator for when you have a bite. The float will move erratically or go beneath the surface when a fish becomes interested in the bait. You can find a range of different floats designed for different fishing situations. Waggler floats are intended for still water fishing, stick floats for river fishing and then there are bubble floats, pole floats and many more, in this article we will cover the most popular float...

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Fishing Sinkers – Types, Sizes & Uses

Put simply, sinkers are weights which are used to pull your baited hook to a desired depth. They are conventionally made from poured lead, but due to the environmental and health concerns associated with lead they are increasingly being produced from other dense materials instead. Regardless of what they’re made from, sinkers come in various styles designed for different fishing methods, and range from those weighed in tenths of an ounce all the way to those weighed in the pounds. Just like hooks, sinkers are your friends and when used correctly can present your bait to fish in a...

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A Guide to Fishing Hook Sizes and Types

Hooks are available in a range of sizes and styles designed to catch anything from a minnow to a marlin. Hooks also come in many different colours. Despite the myriad of choice which is available, a few basic sizes and styles will most likely suit all your fresh- and saltwater fishing needs. This article will discuss hook sizes as well as the most common hook styles and their uses. Hook Size How hard could it be to think of a system to describe fishing hook sizes in a logical manner? Perhaps a basic numerical measure, with 1 being the...

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Which Line to Use?

It is easy, particularly as a beginner, to overlook the importance of the line when you are fishing. The line is the only thing which separates the fish from you. Simply put, if it fails you won’t land the fish, and as any seasoned fisherman will tell you – that’s annoying. There are various different types of line; some are very versatile whilst others have specific uses. Using the right line for the job will make your fishing experience much easier and more productive. What to Look for in Any Line Each type of fishing line possesses a unique...

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Choosing a Reel

The reel that you choose to use on your fishing rod is important, reels range from simple cogs to intricate systems which spin as smooth as silk. Nevertheless, all reels have some similarities, they hold the line until you need to release it, allow you to then recall then line and most reels also have some form of drag system. Here we cover the various different types of fishing reel which are available on the market and provide some guidance when looking to buy one. Select the reel type that you are interested in to learn more Spin Casting...

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